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A new creation of Catalogs and menus for COVID 19 FREE

Which the customers receives intact by using his mobile phone or his tablet!


How does it work

In 3 easy steps

  1. In prominent places in your store, you have posted the QR-codes.  (These can be either on your tables, or on columns, or at the entrance of the store or printed on the placemats of your tables!)
  2. The Customer, by sitting and connecting to your wifi or has data plan on his mobile phone, opens his camera and focuses on the QR code.
  3. The code automatically transfers it to your catalog or to the content you are interested in showing (in the case of another provision)


Yes it can help your business!

  1. The Customer does not come in contact with price lists that have change hundreds of people during the day.
  2. The staff comes in less contact and no need to transfer paper catalogs. It focuses directly on the order (on sale).
  3. Fewer prints of traditional catalogs. (Clearly there should be some catalogs for customers who prefer the traditional way).
  4. Quick changes to your menu, such as: prices, photos. To everything! 
  5. Additional tools can be added to your list, such as: customer evaluation, business evaluation, social media prompts (FB, INSTAGRAM, etc.)

Other uses of the QR code

You will be amazed at the information you can give to your customers!

  1. Restaurants, Cafes, Taverns and Fast Food!
    For the well-known reason we mentioned above. 
  2. In Hotels
    (for all benefits directly in QR-code in the rooms). Facilities such as: Bar, Restaurant, pool bar, Hygiene instructions, etc. 
  3. In a beach bar,  where the QR-code tabs are posted on the umbrellas. 
  4. In beauty shops, Spa, Hairdressers,
    for their price list. 
  5. And in so many others

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Tel. +30 6946 142010